Family Support

Apart from providing after-school care, we identified the need for strong support within the family unit. Our aim is to strengthen the bonds of our beneficiaries with their families by having cherished moments together through our annual flagship Family Day event and Parents Support Group.

Parents Support Group (PSG)

Every quarter, we look forward to enrich parents by equipping them with skills for their parenting journey to have an opportunity for them to spend quality time with their child through:
– A variety of talks/workshops
– Parent-child bonding activities

In COVID times, we held zoom sessions on relevant topics with guest speakers from external organisations:
– Mental Wellness (Brighton Community Church)
– Cyber Wellness (Netrust)

Interested to find out more about our Parents Support Group or to sign up?
Contact us at 68484940 or drop us an email at for more details.


Family Day Event
In 2022, we organised an Amazing Race at Jewel Changi Canopy Park and there were a total of 92 beneficiaries. Families had to complete tasks together at various stations around the Canopy Park.

For this year’s Family Day, we are excited to partner with Forte360, a charitable organisation of curriculum & Wellbeing consultants that emphasises on Skills-Based learning to be cultivated from a young age! Through this partnership, Forte360 has put together a Bingo Amazing Race for our families to build stronger bonds and to make meaningful memories together.