Student Care

Academic Support

At our Student Care Centre, we work closely with students to ensure sufficient academic support is given through daily homework supervision and revision. Our teachers actively seek feedback and gather information from parents and school teachers to enable swift identification and reduction of potential learning gaps. This gives us an advantage to remediate and prevent any student from falling off the education grid.

Value-added Programmes

With a commitment to nurture our students, we also pay attention to our students’ interests and talents beyond the academic arena. The Value-Added Programmes (VAP) is conducted twice weekly which allow students to interact and learn in a safe and conducive environment. These fun-filled programmes cover a variety of engaging and interesting subject matters, ranging from discovering and exploring science concepts through experiential experiments, appreciating and understanding various ethnical and cultural differences, as well as raising awareness on current and global affairs. Through the value-added programmes, we want to cultivate an open and inquisitive mind in our students.

Moral Education

Our aim is to instil a strong moral compass and inculcate a good discerning ability in our students so as to guide them in their decision making and character development in their formative years. Our vision is to foster students to be caring individuals and become supportive peers, to have empathy and sympathy towards the less fortunate and to be courageous and resilient in times of difficulties.

Interested to find out more about our student care centre or to enrol your child?
Contact on of our outlets below or drop us an email at to find out more!

Brighton Student Care Centre (MacPherson) – 6744 3602
Brighton Student Care Centre (Simei) – 6788 3397

Tuition Programme

We launched our very own tuition programme in 2017 to build up confidence in our students who are under-performing academically. This programme is highly subsidised and run by volunteer tutors to give additional support to low/middle-income families who might face difficulties in financing private tuition for their children.

How it works?

Our student care teachers carefully plan and design the tutorial curriculum and scheme of work (SOW) to be used in the programme. Volunteer tutors (VT) are then guided by the SOW in creating lesson content with consultation of our teachers. Flexibility is given to the VT’s where they can customise the planned curriculum to cater to the needs and strengths of each student.

Each student is assessed frequently to determine the best intervention plan to bridge learning gaps. Assessments can be done via summative or formative methods. Such assessments are conducted in-house, as a way for our teachers and tutors to understand and track the progress of our students.

How our students benefitted?

Many of our students shared with us how the programme trained them to work under exam conditions by developing correct answering techniques and keeping to the time limit. It has also motivated them to do better as they see gradual improvement in their academic work. Students have also become more driven and self-directed as they study, taking initiative to seek clarification when in doubt and diligently prepare for their tests and examinations.

As a social service agency, we depend greatly on the community to be able to do the work that we do. In order to show our appreciation, we give back to the community through the following channel:

SCFA Administration

The Student Care Fees Assistance (SCFA) is a scheme under the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) that helps eligible families by subsidising the children’s student care fees. We are registered with MSF as an administrator for this scheme and we help eligible families to apply for the subsidies.