Our Impact

Written by Brighton Connection

May 22, 2023

Bringing Hope in Dark Times.

Ms Mary, a MacPherson resident and a mother of two children, approached our student care teacher to inform us that she has to withdraw her eldest child from our student care centre.

Ms Mary shared the reason for withdrawing her eldest child was because she had just lost her husband and she has to pay a foreigner rate for her child’s primary school fees.

Her eldest child is from her first marriage
before she came to Singapore. Because her late husband is a Singaporean, he was the anchor that provided security and opportunity for Mary’s eldest child to continue to live and receive an education in Singapore.

“Everyone wants to make a difference,
but we do it by connecting people
to impact lives.”

Ms Mary reached out to Ms Tin Pei Ling, MP of MacPhersom SMC, to share about her plight. With Ms Tin’s help, the school extended a permanent resident rate for Mary’s eldest child and her child is able to remain in our student care centre as she looked for a job.

At Brighton Connection, we enable the vulnerable by empowering the lives of those who need it the most.

As the sole caregiver and breadwinner for her family, Ms Mary struggled to find a suitable job that gives her the flexibility she needs. Mary then requested our help to start a home-based beautician business. Our staff assisted and taught Ms Mary how to get the license with ACRA and to register her as a self-employed with the know-how to contribute to CPF.

At Brighton Connection, we believe in making a difference by connecting with people to impact lives who are in need just like Ms Mary and her family. Our roles as student care teachers, youth mentors and as a seniors manager allows us to have a contact point with the community and identify deeper needs that often go unnoticed in our day-to-day.

Every Dollar makes an Impact.

Your donation allows us to empower the lives of the vulnerable, by connecting them to social and economic opportunities, encouraging personal growth and development through exposure so that they can thrive with dignity and to empower those in need around them too.